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There numerous items that are utilized in chemical industry, pumps are utilized in huge region in the chemical, oil, petrochemical, and gas industries. These are functioning to circulate and transfer fluids for dosing application. Pumps are composed of material, which can endure chemical substance. Some chemical usage needs exact volume of synthetic concoctions, pumps additionally offer flow estimation and regulation to such applications. We possess a wide scope of pumps, which are reasonable for chemical applications. 


Sugar Industry has broad scope of complex procedure that requires utilization of pumps. Several procedures are pumping juice, slurry, fly ash removal, hot water, molasses displacement, syrup and liquid transfer. In sugar ventures, pumps should be competent for moving high percentile solids and thick materials. At Creative Engineers, we have a broad gamut of profoundly proficient pumps, which are prepared to deal with extreme conditions of sugar industry.


Pump has thorough applications like filtration, malting, maturation, mashing, distillation and much more in refineries industry. Pump is essentially utilized for conveying fluids in refineries. It ought to be made for a repeatable, reliable, and safe procedure. There are various sorts of procedure that need explicit sort of pumps. At our company, we have a wide range of pumps that feed the interest of the customer’s sort of Refineries Industry.

Pulp and Paper 

Pulp and Paper domains utilize enormous measure of water that is to be treated and managed with critical guidelines. Pump should adapt with starch and stock preparation, sludge treatment and paper coating. It use-in above procedure must be corrosive and abrasive additionally require high pull-ability, compatibility and delicate handling. When our customers need across the board hotspot for their pump prerequisite then Creative Engineers is the best decision with numerous years of great service and aptitude.


Pumps are utilized for pumping dyes and water, maintaining and cleaning of various segments of fabric production procedure in textile industry. Creative Engineers pumps furnish high proficiency pumping solution with least upkeep and downtime.

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