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An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Creative Engineers that not only caters to Indian customers, but customers from South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Italy, USA and other countries, brings forth Monoblock Pumps. The range comprises, but not limited to stainless steel centrifugal monoblock pump, stainless steel centrifugal bare pump, centrifugal flameproof monoblock pump and Fuel monoblock AC diaphragm pump. The sectors that use this kind of pump are commercial, agricultural and industrial. All rotating parts are contained a common shaft in this pump. The benefit of this assembly is less energy loss during the transmission from motor to shaft. Motor and pump assembly are two key components of this mechanical device. It is easier to replace the wearing parts of this pump. Customers must get this monoblock pump from us, because of the following features:
  • No noise and vibration due to dynamically balanced rotating parts
  • Automatic air release while priming
  • Greater efficiency
  • Easy installation features
  • Low maintenance cost
Creative Engineers is a 2000 established manufacturer and supplier, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our company engineers a variety of meters and pumps, LPG Pump is one of them. The material of construction we use for all kinds of LPG Pump is standard cast iron construction. Only LPG rotary vane pump supplied has a standard cast iron construction with bronze vane. Customers can make a wide choice when selecting the pump from options, like AC LPG pump and DC LPG pump by going through the specifications, like pump type, pump model, suction x delivery sizes, pump capacity, maximum pressure and pump weight. They can select AC LPG pump with Flame proof motor for industrial applications. Manual LPG pump weighs merely 6 kgs and has pump of manual LPG pump piston type 4 way non return valve arrangement. Customers can also ask for pump spares, like:
  • Filter
  • Glass
  • Washer
  • Glass cap
  • Main body
  • Connecting rod & spring
Centrifugal pump is an assembly of structural and mechanical components that allows efficient operations and handling of stresses and loads during operation. The kinds of centrifugal pump we come up with are industrial centrifugal pump and horizontal submersible pump set. The impeller in the pump rotates to impact velocity to the pumped liquid. The velocity imparted is captured by the casing that gives direction to the pumped liquid towards the pump discharge point. When selecting a centrifugal pump, one can determine a several factors that might affect the performance of the pump, for instance working fluid viscosity, working fluid specific density and gravity, operating temperature and pressure and working fluid vapour pressure. We offer this kind of pump in a number of sizes and capacities. Industries that can use industrial centrifugal pump, include the following:
  • Oil & Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
This range of Gear Pumps is acknowledged for its long working life and ergonomic look. Driven by lubricating oil, fuel or neutral fluids having lubricating attributes, these pumping systems are suitable for industrial application purpose. Internal components of these uni-directional pumps have special coating to avoid corrosion. Rotor of these systems is made of engineering grade plastic to ensure its compatibility with low viscosity fluids and chemicals. Mechanical seal or oil seal for these pumps can be chosen as per application type. Light in weight, these Gear Pumps have compact shape. Parts of these products can be assembled and dissembled without affecting functioning of pipelines. Low vibration based operation, single shaft based design and pulsation free flow level are the key characteristics are the key aspects of these systems.
Developed from stainless steel (304/316L grade), this range of high pressure Lobe Pumps can be used as metering, submersible, maritime and cryogenic pumping system. Application of these equipments can be noticed in mining, automobile, paper production, cosmetics, food processing and also in other industries. These are suitable for transferring high viscosity fluids. Lobe Pumps comprise of standard accessories like mechanical seal, rotor, nut, pump cover, O ring, front cover nut and gear box. These pumping systems can endure maximum 20 bar of fluid pressure and can maintain up to 62 m3 flow rate. Fluid viscosity transferred through these pumps ranges between 50 mPa.S to 10,0000 mPa.S.  Long working life, energy efficient operation, high strength and user friendly mechanism are the key aspects of these products.
This array of high pressure based Dosing Pumps is suitable for handling heated as well as viscous fluids. These can also be used for transferring corrosive, toxic, hazardous, radioactive and abrasive liquids. Made of stainless steel, these are driven by electricity or hydraulic power. Flow rate of their electric based version ranges between 100ml/hour to 15000ml/hour. This range can be adjusted as per application type. Dosing Pumps offered by us are reckoned for their leakage proof construction, utilization of cutting edge technology, corrosion proof design and easy to comprehend mechanism. Quality of these pumping systems has been verified on the basis of their performance, service life, operating cost, design, mechanism and operating speed. Customers can avail these systems at reasonable price from us.

This range of Feed Pumps is suitable for irrigation work, fuel transferring, hot and cold water circulation purpose. Mechanical dearation technique adopted by these pumping systems can convey vapor or gas by suctioning. All their components can be interchanged easily. Split suctioning section of these Feed Pumps is attached with their discharge casting via single clamping and tie bolt. Rotational direction of these systems is clockwise. Friction protected bearings of these systems are lubricated by grease so that these can be installed or mounted easily. Shaft of these pumps are attached with renewable quality shaft sleeve inside stuffing box. This type of box housing safeguards shafts against wear. The stuffing box has mechanical seal. We offer these products at competitive price.

This range of Slurry Pumps has been designed as per ANSI b 16.5 specifications. Application of these pumping systems can be noticed in petrochemical, chemical, paper and food processing fields. These pumps are suitable for transferring hydrocarbon based, acidic, alkaline and corrosive fluids. Based on application type, these Slurry Pumps can be availed in open type and semi open type design choices. Advanced design of their throat bush  improves their wear resistant attributes, saves electricity usage and minimize turbulence. Both ends of their shaft are sealed with heavy duty O ring which is rust proof. Provided Slurry Pumps have 5 meter to 100 meter head dimension and flow rate is 5 to 400 cube/h.  Simple installation method is one of the key aspects of these pumps.

This range of Turbine Pumps is reckoned for its multistage design, 3 phase operation with 50 to 60 Hz frequency range and vertical installation direction. These pumping systems are suitable for transferring filthy water, clean and saline water as well. Structure of these pumps is made of stainless steel (316l /304), duplex steel or cast iron. These can be operated at less than 80 degree C temperature. Provided Turbine Pumps can transfer maximum 10000m3/h fluid. Output of these pumping systems can be controlled simply by adjusting their impeller. Quality of these equipments has been verified on the basis of their service life, operating cost, flexibility of parameters, flow rate, strength and operating speed. Customers can avail this range of pumps at reasonable price from us.

This range of stainless steel Barrel Pumps is suitable for handling solvents, chemicals, acids, all sorts of non corrosive fluids and oils. All the wetted components of these pumps are made of PTFE and 316 grade stainless steel. Outer dimension of these products is 40 mm. Provided Barrel Pumps are equipped with built in filter, 990 mm long tube and viton made sealing parts. Vertical shafts of these products are housed inside the narrow tube. Motor of these pumping solutions is connected with their vertical shaft. These pumps can fill 50 liter to 210 liter drum. These pumping systems are not compatible with media like turpentine, acetone and solvents. Long service life, low noise and vibration are the key aspects of these pumps.

This array of stainless steel or cast iron made Flow Pumps are basically high pressure based pumping systems. With having 11 meter head dimension, these have 181700 m3/h flow rate. These single stage pumps are suitable for supplying water in municipality area, for industrial and also for irrigation works. Developed as per DIN specifications, these have closed and open type impeller design. Operating temperature of these pumps is maximum 100 degree C and these can be operated at maximum 1750 rpm speed. These adopt clockwise rotational direction from their drive end. Maximum casing pressure of these Flow Pumps is 16 kg/cm2.  Long working life, low maintenance design, corrosion proof body and ergonomic look are the key aspects of these pumping systems.
Driven by AC/DC engine, this range of Diaphragm Pumps can be availed in different specifications. Stator of their engine is made of high strength steel that has low watt loss rate. Special design of their rotor minimizes vibration generation. Varnish treated windings of these Diaphragm Pumps are equipped with copper wire for better safety purpose. Cast iron or stainless steel body of these pumping systems is totally wear and rust proof.  All the wetted components of these pumps are made of PTFE or 316 grade stainless steel. These have 900 mm long tube and built in filter. Provided pumps are suitable for transferring petroleum based liquids, chemical acids, diesel and any type of non-corrosive fluids. We offer these pumps at reasonable price.
This array of stainless steel Hand Pumps acts as reliable source of domestic water especially in remote regions of India. These manually controlled pumps do not require any power source for their operation. Adequate discharge capacity of these manual pumps easily meets water needs of rural and sub-urban areas of the country. These types of Hand Pumps are suitable for trouble free access of potable water and irrigation water as well. Anti freeze port of these manual pumps prevent freezing of their components in winter. Medium pressure based operation, corrosion and weather proof heavy duty body, suction based water lifting mechanism and long lasting quality are some remarkable features of these products. High strength, compact shape and accurate dimension are the key aspects of these products.

Inline Pumps can be driven by electricity, steam or fuel. These types of pumping systems are either have direct connection with public underground water supplying pipelines or with lake or reservoir. With having high pressure based operation, these can be availed in vertical inline or horizontal split case design based choices. Stainless steel or cast iron made body of these Inline Pumps is corrosion proof and harsh weather protected. Standard of these systems has been verified on the basis of their dimension, service life, output, flow rate and leakage resistant capacity. Suitable for vertical installation purpose, these pumping systems are appreciated for their low operating cost, solid body and high strength. We offer these pumps at reasonable price to our valued customers.
Piston Pumps are suitable for commercial and domestic water supply purpose. These low maintenance pumping systems are available with standard accessories like pulley, overflow control valve, nipple pipe etc. These are used as integral parts of soda and mineral water plants, air ports, railway workshops and so on. DC power based version of these pumping systems has been specially designed for areas where AC power is unavailable. These can be operated by solar energy and automobile battery. Based on application type, we offer these Piston Pumps with centrifugal or self priming technology based choices. Standard of these pumping solutions has been verified on the basis of their longevity, performance, operating speed, energy efficiency, sturdiness, design precision and water saving capacity.

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